For „ProMDM Enterprise“ product, we have several services that we can provide to our customers.

Our primary goal is to initially ensure optimal implementation and integration of ProMDM into enterprise IT environment. After system has been successfully deployed and is running in production we can help and support our customers in running the solution in optimal way by minimizing security risks, optimizing performance and ensuring maximum system uptime.

During the solution deployment “Installation and Setup” service has to be delivered for all ProMDM Enterprise implementations. For most of our implementations we also deliver “„Enterprise integration service” since integration into usually highly complex and sophisticated enterprise IT environments is a highly challenging task that requires high level of skills and knowledge.

After ProMDM Enterprise has been successfully launched into production we can provide ongoing support via our “Maintenance and Support Service” and help the customers to ensure system is kept updated on latest versions, is running smoothly and in optimal way with minimal downtime and can receive fast and competent response in case of unexpected issues that impact ProMDM performance.

We always try to maximize the knowledge transfer from ProMDM team to the customer IT staff during delivery of our services.

ProMDM Services can be provided either directly by ProMDM Services team or by one of ProMDM Certified Partners.