ProMDM Benefits – bulletproof security and great user experience.

ProMDM focuses on providing bulletproof security infrastructure, certificate management, end-to-end control, and management system for mobile devices, regardless if those are owned by the company, employees in the enterprise, or owned by consumers and brought from their homes (BYOD).
Everything is done without impacting or reducing the ease of use, customer experience, or accessibility these new innovative devices offer.

Benefits for device users:

  • Easy access to enterprise resources and data through automated over-the-air device enrolment and profile management
  • Great end-user experience with single sign-on
  • Use of PKI certificates and securely access data and services
  • Protect your device via remote device lock and wipe
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) with separation of private and business information
  • Additional support for Samsung KNOX™ and Android for work

Benefits for IT departments:

  • Devices managed & controlled like other IT resources
  • Optimal MDM functionality set
  • Multi-tenant support – provides MDM as a Cloud service to your internal or external customers
  • Automated device management with over-the-air device configuration for key IT resources (WLAN, VPN, E-mail, Mobile Apps and other) and more (i.e. roaming & data usage control, manage digital certificates, data & files)
  • Security risks on mobile devices mitigated with PKI and certificate authentication and management
  • Ability to integrate with and leverage existing security IT investments
  • Integration with Samsung KNOX™ container solution and Android for work