Licensing – get the licensing option that best suits your needs.

There are several ProMDM Enterprise licensing options, however, the most common is perpetual per-device licensing. In that model, every device that accesses or is managed by the ProMDM solution is required to have a Device License.
The device license is sold as a perpetual license – it has no expiration date. The license is transferable – you can transfer it from one device to another (from the old device to the new one that replaces it).
Device License covers a specific version of ProMDM, and includes usage rights for all previous versions of ProMDM (downgrade rights) including security updates and bug fixes. It does not include version upgrade rights for future versions. For version upgrade rights customers should purchase the Maintenance option for their device licenses.
In order to “upgrade” to the latest version of ProMDM device license, from any previous version, the customer must purchase the full device license. Please note, all devices within one enterprise must be on the same version of ProMDM.
Interested customers can also get additional information on „per user” licensing options by contacting us directly.

Maintenance Option
We highly recommend choosing the Maintenance Option if you plan to obtain new versions of mobile devices that are not supported by the current version of the ProMDM solution.
Maintenance Option is the simplest, easiest, and cheapest way to keep your ProMDM device licenses upgraded to the latest version. It provides version upgrade rights, as well as downgrade rights if needed.
Maintenance can only be obtained initially together with the device license and needs to be renewed on yearly basis. You cannot renew the maintenance option once it has been discontinued.
Generally, Maintenance options can be purchased for up to 3 years in advance.

Volume Sales Program
For organizations with a substantial quantity of devices, special Volume Sales Programs are available. Based on the number of device licenses the organization needs, it can qualify for one of the four Volume Sales Programs levels. Each level provides a higher degree of discount for both device licenses and maintenance options.

In order to qualify for the Volume Sales discount, you need to purchase at least 300 or more device licenses. You can start receiving the Volume Sales Program level benefits only after you’ve qualified for a specific level. You will not be able to apply the benefits or discount levels for any of the purchases you made prior to the moment of qualification. After you’ve qualified for a specific level, all benefits will also be applied to any future purchase you will make regardless of the size of a particular purchase.
For information on the number of device licenses needed in order to qualify for a specific Volume Sales Program level as well as a specific discount percentage, please contact us directly or ProMDM partners in your region.

Pricing and other licensing options
For information about pricing and other licensing option please contact us directly or ProMDM partners in your region.