Investor Info


ProMDM was founded in 2012 by Ratko Štibrić, Zoran Majstorović and Marko Makovac. All of them are experienced High Tech industry professionals with various and diverse set of skills, knowledge and experience. Jointly they had over 75 years of professional experience in corporate and entrepreneurship world with expertise in Security and Management of Mobile Devices in Enterprise Environment.

ProMDM was incorporated in Zagreb, Croatia in 2013 and is still fully owned by its founders and employees.

Leading Global Technology companies such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Cisco and others have recognized ProMDM’s quality and made it their partner.

Since it was founded ProMDM focused primary on high quality product development but also providing  superior services to its customers and partners. Currently ProMDM is a leader on domestic MDM market and is expanding globally with primary focus on enabling Cloud based MDM solutions for Managed Service providers (MSPs) but also serving enterprise customers with enterprise on-premise MDM product.

We are constantly looking for new partners and potential investors that would increase our business capacity and help us further develop, expand and grow our business.

In case you are interested to join us on our amazing business journey please contact us.