About Enterprise Mobility Management


Top Things to learn about Enterprise Mobility Management

Why is Enterprise Mobility Management important? The boundaries between our work, leisure, and homes lives are becoming increasingly blurred.
Work has become “what we do” rather than “where we go”. Employees request the freedom to use their own devices for all aspects of their lives whether personal or work-related. This “blurring of the lines” has a major impact on corporate IT which has to quickly respond to rapidly changing consumer technology trends and developments. Enterprises can’t afford to ignore this commercial reality. But how do organizations adapt to meet this rising global trend? The answer is to identify, trial and then adopt the enterprise Mobile Management Solution that best suits your business needs.

1. Overcome corporate reservations and ride the wave of mobile transformation in your organizations.
According to IDC, “the worldwide smartphone market reached a new milestone in the second quarter of 2014 (2Q14), moving past the 300 million unit mark for the first time in its history.”

2. Utilise the power of mobile users to accelerate and grow your business.
Enterprise Mobility Management is a broad solution that enables organizations to integrate multiple mobile OS/platforms and environments. This enables employees to use their preferred devices to access corporate resources while maintaining and even enhancing, critical security and compliance requirements. This will improve organizational productivity by putting the user experience in the first place.

3. Improve knowledge about mobility management challenges
The mobile era is radically changing the role of IT departments in the enterprise. Rather than defining which specific technologies and devices employees may use, IT now has to control and manage a diverse set of technical environments and platforms that employees are bringing from their homes into the office. Core mobility management challenges include supporting different device and O/S choices, regulating the use of mobile applications and managing multiple devices while, all the time, ensuring corporate security and compliance.

4. Choosing a mobile management platform that puts the end-user experience first.
When choosing the right mobility management solution for your organisation keep in mind the following:
– Give employees the freedom to choose the device/platform which suits them best.
– Offer secure access to mobile apps and corporate resources
– Ensure the MDM solution has features that are easy to use for non-technical users

5. Focus on a mobile management platform that will make your control tasks simpler.
One of the main concerns IT has about choosing the right mobile management solution is the complexity of the environment they will have to manage. The ability to administer and secure multiple OS platforms and environments, with a range of different devices, apps, and content is a very demanding task.
What IT departments like to focus on when choosing mobile management solutions is to:
– Secure simple access control and authentication
– Choose a platform that supports your business processes