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We aspire to provide customers with best solutions that address their needs and requirements, while it minimizes security risks and ensures that their business stays highly competitive. Customer feedback and needs are key factor in our future product & solution development.

We constantly seek new and innovative ways to improve our product quality and level of services we provide.


ProMDM products and solutions:

  • ProMDM Enterprise – EMM on-premise solution. Leading MDM solution on domestic market
  • Nebula – cloud based MDM solutions for Managed Service -providers (MSPs)
  • Various MDM related specialized Mobile Apps :
    • ProMDM Authenticator – 2 Factor authentication solution for ProMDM users
    • Proton – simple and “over the air” managed web browser for simple and quick mobile solutions
  • CertHat – solutions for managing PKI and digital certificates
    • CertHat Tools for Microsoft PKI –¬†provides a comprehensive, centralized, easy to use and intuitive solution that complements and extends Microsoft AD Certificate Services.
    • CertHat Linux Agent – Java based tool¬†that enables easy and simple certificate requests and renewal from Microsoft PKI service.

In case you would like to learn more about our solution portfolio please visit relevant product web page or contact us.