PARTNERS – grow your business with enterprise MDM solution

We are interested in partnership with other IT companies so we can provide the best possible experience and highest level of service for the end customer.
In case you are interested in partnering with us and offering ProMDM as Enterprise Mobile Device Management Solution to your customers, or integrating ProMDM with your solution, please let us know.
We have active partnerships with technology leaders such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Cisco and others.

There are several typical partnership models that we offer:

  • Resellers
  • OEM/Developers
  • System Integrators


In case IT company (typically software reseller, VAR or similar) identifies a need for a ProMDM solution with the customers it currently serves and would like to provide a solution directly, it can do so via our reseller program. Reseller will maintain a direct relationship with the customer and will be compensated for the service.

System Integrators

Program intended for System Integrators who integrate ProMDM into a bigger solution or complex enterprise IT environment. System Integrator will directly provide ProMDM implementation, integration and maintenance services to the customer and can also provide 1st level support. Partner receives ProMDM training and will have access to 2nd level support directly from ProMDM team if needed.


Developer partner will typically use ProMDM as a management or security infrastructure for his applications in order to address security or manageability challenges that exist and impact their solution. In such situations ProMDM can be integrated and offered in a single package with the initial partner solution instead as an additional product.