About Us


ProMDM was developed by a team of experts with strong experience in IT & Tech industry.

Our expertise covers several key areas such as: IT Security & Management, Product Development, Project Management, Business Management & Operations and Marketing.

We aspire to provide customers with best solutions that address their needs and requirements, while it minimizes security risks and ensures that their business stays highly competitive.

We constantly seek new and innovative ways to improve our product quality and level of services we provide.

We are a leading MDM provider on domestic market and are expanding globally with primary focus on enabling Cloud based MDM solutions for Managed Service providers (MSPs) but also serving enterprise customers with enterprise on-premise MDM product.

Our Product

ProMDM v 1.0 was released in mid 2012 and since then has been significantly modified and improved to provide the best service to our customers.

In 2015 ProMDM version 3.0 was released which represents a significant product development milestone since that version introduced multi-tenant Cloud enabled features which are foundation for our Nebula product.

Quality of the product was recognized and awarded in 2013 by Croatian Chamber of Commerce: „Mobile World Contest: Startup 4 Barcelona by HGK”. In May 2016, Nebula – ProMDM’s Cloud based MDM solution received a Finalist EuroCloud Croatia Award.

Industry partnerships

In order to deliver high quality solutions and stay well informed and educated on latest technology developments and platforms, we partner with global mobility technology leaders.

ProMDM is among other member of:

  • Apple iOS Developer Program and iOS Developer Enterprise Program
  • Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program and KNOX Partner
  • Google Developer and Enterprise Mobility Management Program Participant
  • Microsoft WebSpark, BizSpark and Microsoft Partner Program and others …