Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions around ProMDM solution. In case you did not find the information you needed or have any additional questions, please let us know.


Who is ProMDM for Enterprise intended for?
ProMDM Enterprise is focused on organizations that need to manage significant number of  mobile devices. It also focuses on integration of such devices with existing complex IT systems and corporate security requirements. ProMDM addresses the challenge of using those devices in a secure, controlled, user-friendly and productive way, while mitigating security risks and allowing IT department to stay in control while also helping enterprises to benefit from different BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scenarios.
Our Enterprise version is complete “on-premise” MDM solution without any need for cloud services. It also provides easy integration with Microsoft PKI (AD Certificate Services), Active Directory or any LDAP, Microsoft ADFS and Kerberos for authentication with complete control of all integration components.

What are the benefits for a mobile device user?
Users are able to access enterprise resources and data through automated over-the-air device enrolment and profile management. It ensures great end-user experience with passwordless single sign-on. User devices are protected via remote device lock and wipe functionalities. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios with separation of private and business information based on multiple profiles is enabled.

How will IT department benefit from ProMDM?
IT department stays in control and devices are managed & controlled like any other IT resource. ProMDM provides automated device management with over-the air device configuration for key IT resources (WLAN, VPN, E-mail, etc.) and more (roaming settings, phone & device info, etc.). Security risks on mobile devices are mitigated with PKI and certificate authentication and management. This solution easily integrates with and leverages existing security investments


I have users that use multiple devices. How many ProMDM licenses I need?
In our most commonly used licencing model Device License is needed for every device connected to ProMDM solution, regardless who uses it. User that has multiple mobile devices needs to obtain a valid per user license for each of the devices. However other licensing models are also available per request.

Can ProMDM Device License and Maintenance Option be transferred from one mobile device to another?
Yes – ProMDM Device License can be transferred to another device if the initial device has been decommissioned and will no longer be used in the organization.

How do I license server components of ProMDM solution?
License for using the server components of ProMDM is included in the Device License. You do not need to acquire any additional license if you already have a Device License.
However in order to deploy ProMDM on a server you need to procure “Installation and Setup Service”.

How often you need to buy a ProMDM license?
ProMDM Device License is a permanent license that needs to be purchased only once. It includes a right to use the specific version of ProMDM solution.

How can I upgrade to a new version of ProMDM?
For obtaining upgrade rights for any future ProMDM version you need to acquire Maintenance Option at the time you purchase the initial Device License.
Maintenance Option is a 12 month subscription license that needs to be renewed on a yearly basis.
If you do not have a valid Maintenance Option and want to upgrade to any of the subsequent versions of the one you are entitled to, you will need to buy a new full ProMDM license.

I purchased ProMDM License only and now need to support for next version of device that was just launched. Can I buy only Maintenance Option?
Maintenance Option can be only purchased together with a Device License or as an extension of existing valid Maintenance Option.
It is not possible to obtain it separately or after Maintenance Option expired and “extension period” ended (30 days after expiration date).


On what server platforms can ProMDM be installed?
ProMDM can be run on several server platforms: Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012, Linux or Mac OSX.

What Mobile Device platforms does the current ProMDM version support?
We are fully supporting all MDM functions on iOS devices and adding support for new iOS versions and devices in shortest possible time. ProMDM fully supports latest iOS MDM features. ProMDM supports Apple DEP and VPP services for countries where DEP and VPP programs are available.
For Android platform ProMDM agent called ProMDM Fort needs to be installed on a mobile device. ProMDM supports Android version 4.0 and higher. Please note that ProMDM offers extended functionalaity set for Samsung KNOX mobile devices.
ProMDM is using Microsoft Enterprise Device Management Protocol for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Mobile 10 specifications to deliver the best possible MDM solution for Windows Phone users.

What directory services ProMDM supports?
ProMDM uses Active Directory Certificate Enrollment and Policy Web Services (CEP and CES) and MSWSTEP protocol for enrollment and certificate management on Android devices.
It also uses Active Directory Certificate Enrollment and Policy Web Services (CES and CES) and MSWSTEP protocol with Microsoft Active Directory Certificate services for enrollment and certificate management on Windows Phone devices.

What PKI does ProMDM use?
ProMDM will use existing PKI environment that supports SCEP (NDES) and WSTEP enrollment interfaces or we can help you with design and implementation of Mobile PKI environment based on Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services that will meet all requirements for iOS, Android and Windows Phone regarding certificates. ProMDM provides complete Mobile Certificate Services for device and user certificates needed for MDM and SSO authentication scenarios.

Does IT department need to initially set-up the device, enroll it into ProMDM and install initial certificates?
No – various methods for easy and automated over-the-air device enrollment into the ProMDM system are being used. Initial device enrolment as well as certificate installation can be done by device user, with no need for support from IT department.

Can the list of mobile devices that ProMDM manages be exported and viewed in another management solution?
You can easily export the list of devices managed by ProMDM. ProMDM also provides APIs that can be leveragetd for integration with 3rd party management solutions.


In a ProMDM Enterprise Partner Programs, who sends the invoice for ProMDM to the end customer?
In case ProMDM is sold through a Enterprise Partner Program, the partner will send the invoice to the end customer.

Since ProMDM can be sold directly as well, are the prices higher if a customer buys ProMDM through a partner?
No, end-customer pricing stays the same regardless of the way it was purchased.

If ProMDM is purchased through a partner, who is responsible for providing the ProMDM services required for implementing the solution?
ProMDM services are typically delivered by certified ProMDM System Integrator or ProMDM Services team , regardless if solution was purchased directly or via partner.
Our System Integrator partners can independently define and profive various service packages for ProMDM.

How is partner compensated for the reselling service it provides?
Partners receive a  sales commission  for every successfully concluded sales of ProMDM. Commission is based on a fixed percentage of total product value that was sold.