Technical Info

ProMDM Technical Overview

ProMDM is focused to deliver the best user and technical experience on all mobile platforms, using standard MDM specifications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices but also basic management functionalities for Windows 10 and Mac OS X operating systems. Using advanced security features of user applications and operating systems, ProMDM gives you maximum security without need for special mobile applications.
User-friendly intuitive administrative interface can be used to the full potential from the very start. We are focusing to deliver responsive design that works in any browser or device.
Technical architecture of our solution allows easy installation and integration in any Enterprise environment or Cloud environment as SaaS, being compliant with different network and security infrastructure and policy.

ProMDM for Enterprise version
ProMDM for Enterprise version is focused on Enterprise environments with needs for integration with different sensitive IT systems and security requirements. Enterprise version is complete On Premise MDM solution without any need for cloud services.
It provides easy integration with Microsoft PKI (AD Certificate Services), Active Directory or any LDAP, Microsoft ADFS and Kerberos for authentication with complete control of all integration components.

ProMDM Functionalities
ProMDM is supporting all MDM functions on mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), but focusing on delivering features that will help you in compliance with security policies.

Base group of product functionalities:

  • Security Management
  • Profile/Configuration Management
  • Compliance Management Services
  • Device Management
  • Device Reporting
  • Health Check Services
  • Lifecycle Management Services
  • Mobile Certificate Management Services
  • SSO with Client Certificate Authentication for Exchange, SharePoint, Web sites
  • iOS SSO with Kerberos for Safari and native applications (integration with ADFS or web sites directly)
  • MAM – Mobile Application Management
  • Samsung KNOX support
  • Document management – Managed media support
  • Photo sync for Android
  • GPS location and tracking
  • Android for Work support (coming soon)

ProMDM will give you the same administrative experience by managing all mobile devices in the same console (iOS, Android  and Windows Phone)