For Managed Service Providers

ProMDM Nebula is a software solution that enables organizations to provide management of smart-phones and tablets as a „Cloud” service to their customers.
Nebula is primary targeted to Managed Service Providers (MSPs), companies that provide IT services to multiple customers in a form of a Cloud service. However it can also be used as a Private Cloud installation in large Enterprise environments.
Its multi-tenant architecture incorporates everything MSPs need to deploy and offer its own MDM Cloud Service to large enterprises and SMB customers, and thus is ideal for growing MSP product portfolio and business overall.
As a managed service provider, you should choose the best MDM solution available to you. With Nebula you will expand your business portfolio and increase the add-value for your customers.

The benefits that Nebula provides include:

  • Great value for money – affordable pricing ensures up to 50% lower license cost then major competitors.
  • Customizable & flexible – Nebula via its APIs is easy to integrate with existing customer Business Systems and Apps.
  • Increased customer’s satisfaction – fast implementation is one of Nebula’s key characteristics, new organization can be set-up in matter of hours instead of day and this saves up to 80% of implementation time.
  • Simple to use and manage – easy control and management of mobile devices with full Role Based Administration Control and Self Service administration can reduce up to 30% in support staff time consumption.