NEBULA Benefits

Nebula enables you to ensure secure usage of the devices you know and love from your personal life and integrate them safely in business environments via an easy-to-use and administer Cloud-based service.

With Nebula, you can enable organizations to do amazing things with ease by extending the usage of mobile devices and providing a great user experience in business environments as well.

Nebula focuses on providing bulletproof security infrastructure, certificate management, end-to-end control, and management system for mobile devices, regardless if those are owned by the company, employees in the enterprise, or owned by consumers and brought from their homes (BYOD).

Everything is done without impacting or reducing the ease of use, customer experience, or accessibility these new innovative devices offer.

Deployment and integration of Nebula solution into the IT infrastructure provides organizations with an increased level of security, better control, and protection of data and configuration settings for mobile devices while reducing their support costs and business risks.

In other words, Nebula provides value to both organizations and end-users, since it provides users with great experience helping them to improve productivity in their organizations, while ensuring that mobile devices are used in a secure and manageable way.

Benefits for Nebula end-customers

  • Get easy access to internal company resources with different mobile devices
  • Have great user experience with password-less single-sign-on
  • Easily protect your devices in case they are lost or stolen.
  • Remote device lock, device wipe and factory reset are easily enabled.