NEBULA Features

Nebula can help handle organization’s mobile devices at all stages of their lifecycle – from the initial deployment to the final decommissioning. You can access your business resources using iPhones, iPad, Android or other devices with highest level of security provided by certificate authentication. After initial enrollment of a mobile device, emails, corporate applications, files and data are secure, and yet just a few touches away. User can forget dozens of user names and passwords needed to access company’s services and applications – use only one passcode that unlocks mobile device.

Configuration of MDM Service

Initial setup of MDM service and integration into existing IT business environment is easy and fast. Nebula integrates with your existing Authentication provider eliminating the need to create and manage additional set of users and passwords.

Device Enrollment

Devices are enrolled based on initial user authentication over secure protocol to generate identity certificate for the device which is then used to encrypt all device details sent to the Nebula server.

Device Configuration

Device configuration of all typical business resource (i.e. e-mail and Exchange accounts, Wi-Fi, VPN and other) is fully automatized, flexible and remote.


Nebula can enforce passcode policies and device restrictions on mobile devices. Device lock, passcode reset and data wipe can be enforced in case of lost or stolen device, forgotten passcode or employee leaving the organization. On Samsung KNOX™ devices you can use enterprise containers that ensure highest level of security for corporate data and resources.

Mobile Application Management

Nebula enables remote installation, update and removal of applications on mobile devices. Applications can be distributed either from public application stores or private – organizational or corporate app stores. Even more ProMDM can be used to securely and remotely control, configure and exchange data with enterprise Mobile Apps . This enables mobile apps developers to focus even more on developing mobile apps and use ProMDM as secure communication and management infrastructure.

Media Management

Managed Media can be distributed and managed on all devices managed by Nebula. It is a simple and secure way to provide employees with data and files they need to stay productive and efficient while using their mobile devices.


Remote management is done by using push or pull services while all MDM requests and actions are running in the background with minimal impact on user experience. Installing, updating and removing enterprise applications, configuration settings and profiles that enable them are done automatically and can be scheduled or triggered as needed.

Asset Management

Real time monitoring of device status and attributes such as OS version, model, ID, hardware capabilities is regularly managed by Nebula. System also detects and alerts administrators if unsafe and vulnerable devices are found.

Data Usage & Roaming Control

Controls and manages mobile data usage on mobile devices and keeps the costs under control. Detects voice and data roaming settings, as well as roaming status and if needed, configures device in line with corporate mobile devices roaming policy.

Device Certificate Management

Managing certificates on mobile devices gives you the same capabilities as on personal computers, like automatic enrollment, renewal and using certificate templates. You can also receive notifications when your certificate is near expiration date.

Mobile Device Reporting

Nebula offers rich data and reports that contain information about managed devices, such as: installed applications (both managed and unmanaged), configuration profiles, certificates, managed media, device settings and attributes.