Who can be a Nebula Partner


ProMDM Nebula is a software solution that is primarily targeted to Managed Service Providers (MSPs), companies that provide IT services to the market in a form of a Cloud service. Therefore, we created a special MSP Partner Program that is tailored to meet the needs of Managed Service Provider companies.
Nevertheless, ProMDM recognizes and rewards companies that want to support and help MSPs in starting and growing their MDM Cloud business. MSP Advisor Partner Program is designed especially for them.

MSP Partner Program

We provide Managed Service Providers with ProMDM Nebula software solution based on which they can build and offer their own MDM Cloud service to the customers. MSPs keep a direct relationship with the end-users of the MDM Cloud service which they provide. They are also fully empowered and responsible for defining all the parameters (pricing, SLA, packages, etc.) of their MDM Cloud Service.
The minimum target that MSP must reach to qualify for the MSP Partner program is 3000 seats that are actively using their service. Depending on the total number of active seats, MSP can qualify into one of several partner categories. Each category provides additional benefits and greater profitability or price competitiveness to the MSP.

Please note: For a limited amount of time a special one-time offer and discounts are available for all MSPs that enter the partner program!

MSP Advisor Partner Program

MSP Advisors are providing consultancy services to MSPs in order to boost and accelerate sales of their Nebula-based MDM Cloud service. ProMDM will directly reward MSP Advisors for their results and performance. MSP Advisor reward and compensation system is directly linked to success and volume of business achieved by the Advisor’s MSP. The reward system is designed in such a way that Advisor is rewarded on an ongoing basis, as long as his MSP is providing MDM Cloud service to the customers.
There are no minimum requirements to qualify for an MSP Advisor partner program – all you need is at least one MSP who receives your advisory services. However, all the MSP Advisors who sign up at least 5 MSPs over the course of one year will receive an MSP Advisor PLUS status which provides you with an additional compensation as well as some additional bonuses depending on the size of MSP’s business.

Please note: For a limited amount of time special increased rewards and compensations are available for all MSP Advisors that enter the partner program!