Technical Info

Nebula is a software solution that enables organizations, such as Managed Service Providers, to provide Mobile Device Management as a Cloud Service to their customers. It has a multi-tenant architecture and is designed for high availability, scalability and low operational cost.

ProMDM Nebula is technically flexible regarding OS (Windows Server, Linux), Web Server (IIS, NGINX) or Database (Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL) so it fits into any infrastructure.

Responsive User Interface
Nebula’s administration and user interface is build as Responsive Web Design, so it adapts to the user device screen size for maximal usability.

Devices Overview
After device is enrolled in few easy steps, administrators can manage and monitor in real time not only system statistics and outstanding events which require actions, but also device status and attributes such as OS version, model, ID, hardware capabilities, etc.

Device Configuration Profiles
Nebula can configure mobile device for use of all typical business resources, from e-mail and Exchange accounts, to Wi-Fi, VPN and others.

Mobile Application Management
MDM Administrator and device user (via self-service) is able to remotely install, update and remove applications to mobile devices, distributed either from public application stores or private (enterprise) apps. Additional benefit is capability to remotely configure and communicate with Mobile Apps via Nebula’s open standard that Mobile Apps developer can use and integrate into their applications.

Role Based Administration
Nebula by default offers several user roles that can be used for using and administrating the service, The roles are flexible and, if needed, can be adapted to specific needs that eirther service provider or its customers might have.

Preconfigured Automation Jobs can be executed immediately after device enrollment (one time), or can be scheduled on regular basis (on each health-check cycle).