Nebula Implementation

High-quality implementation of Nebula into Managed Service Providers environment and full integration with its infrastructure and business systems is of crucial importance and ProMDM Services team will provide full support, and ensure maximum knowledge transfer during this process.

Nebula supports all major cloud platforms and technologies and can be customized to address the needs and challenges that any MSP might have.

There are several technical options that can be used in order to ensure the high availability and scalability of Nebula-based MDM Cloud service. The optimal option might depend on existing MSP Cloud infrastructure, operational policies and commercial business models.

Nebula can integrate with the existing PKI environment (contact us for limitations). Support for Microsoft AD Certificate services is plug&play. If you do not have PKI environment or your PKI environment does not meet mobile device management requirements, we can offer you complete Design and Deployment of Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services and SCEP.

We also support any Firewall/Proxy configuration, but for some advanced functionalities, we require products like F5 or Microsoft WAP (for Client Certificate Authentication and Kerberos Constrained Delegation).

Customer Organization Setup

Due to multi-tenant architecture, new organizations can be quickly initialized and configured in Nebula.

It is expected that each organization has its own e-mail domain and identity provider that is used for user authentication. Nebula supports all major ID providers and standards – both based in customers environment, such as AD/LDAP, Microsoft ADFS, 3rd party STS (Security Token Services) based on Oauth2 or SAML or public Cloud ID providers such Office 365, Azure AD, Google Apps or other cloud providers that support Oauth2 (or SAML, or WS-Fed)

Each organization will also need to register one organizational Apple ID that will be used for issuance of APNS certificate (needed for managing Apple devices)

Customers will also have an option either to use MSPs PKI service for MDM or integrate Nebula-based service with its own PKI infrastructure for more advanced and complex MDM usage scenarios.

Nebula is open and it provides the capability for customers to connect and integrate their Nebula-based MDM service to its business systems or mobile apps via Nebulas APIs or open standard for Mobile Apps configuration and communication.

Mobile device enrollment 

ProMDM supports various methods for easy and automated over-the-air device enrollment:

  • Flexible user authentication options (LDAP, Office365, Google Apps, ADFS, OTP…)
  • Integration with Apple DEP
  • Integration with Samsung Customization/Configuration
  • ProMDM Agents install and upgrade using ProMDM server (instead of Google Play for example)