Typical Customers

ProMDM solution provides value to both IT departments and end users since it provides users with great experience while lowering the support cost and ensuring that mobile devices seamlessly integrate in IT environment in secure and manageable way.
Even though ProMDM is primary a “horizontal/infrastructural” solution, it can be especially interesting for companies or industries where policy compliance, data protection and security is a top priority and might even be regulated by legislation (i.e. banking and financial sector, government agencies and others).

Some ProMDM References by industry type:

  • Banking: SBerbank, Privredna Banka Zagreb (member of Intesa Sanpaolo Group)
  • Public Sector: Hrvatske vode – Croatan legal entity for water management, APIS-IT – Croatian central Government agency for IT, Ministry of foreign Affairs..
  • Manufacturing: Franck – Leading coffee, beverage and snacks producer in the SEE region
  • Gas and Oil: Plinacro – Croatian national natural gas transmission company